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Brian’s Fantasy List: Part III

Sandman by Neil Gaiman

A true epic in scope and story telling and possibly the greatest epic ever told. Simply devastated the conventions of what we imagine comics could be. The heights that it climbs to are stunning. In many ways the pinnacle. Must be read to be believed. Pick a cover any cover
Troika by Stepan Chapman

Never heard of it, not surprised. So utterly amazing that you need to do whatever it takes to get a copy. Go Now! If you send Vandermeer an e-mail you can probably still get a copy.
Veniss Underground by Jeff Vandermeer

Great story by a great writer. The change of narrative perspective could have been a gimmick but was handled flawlessly. In fact it could be a text book on perspective. Most readers choose City of Saints & Madmen as their favorite but Veniss is the one for me.
Viriconium by M John Harrison

Punches Tolkien & his ilk right in the eye, kicks him when he’s down, pees on him, & sets the corpse on fire. There have been other anti-Tolkien & anti-fantasies but this was the first and remains the best. Particularly astute of Harrison to recognize the pitfalls of the genre considering when the first Viriconium book was published.
Watchmen by Alan Moore

Don’t read comics, read this and have your opinion of them changed. A brilliant deconstruction of the super hero mythos. A perfect marriage of words and pictures.

White Apples by Jonathan Carroll

One of my absolute favorites. Profound treaties on big issues draped in the tropes of the fantasy genre. Carroll is the master. The scene at the zoo is one of the most haunting and tragic pieces ever written and is worth the price of admission alone. First book of a planned trilogy, 2nd book is Glass Soup.
Warhound and the Worlds Pain by Michael Moorcock

My personal Moorcock favorite. Elric may be the popular one but I like the Von Bek’s. Grab any of the Eternal Champion books if you see them. They all deserve to be read. A giant in the field of SF&F. The meeting with the sympathetic Miltonian Satan, the commonality of the grail, all brilliant stuff.

Set This House in Order by Matt Ruff
The People of Paper by Salvadore Placencia